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For Sale – deck barges – New – 300′ x 80′ x 18′ (91.5 x 24.4 x 5.50 Mtr)

For Sale – Deck barges – New – in stock Shanghai:

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Unmanned dump barge suitably equipped for carrying deck cargo for unrestricted services.

300' deck barge photo IMAG0275

All welded steel construction.

Flush deck and twin skegs.

The main hull is divided by eight (8) transverse W.T. bulkheads and three (3) longitudinal W.T. bulkheads into thirty-three (33) compartments.

Length O.A.  : 91.5M

Breadth MLD: 24.4M

Depth MLD: 5.50M

Deadweight: 7800T (approx)

Deck loading: 7 T/m2

The barge is  suitable for registration as a cargo barge and constructed in accordance with the latest rules and regulations of ABS for unrestricted services and to their special Survey to hull for Class for Unmanned Deck Barge. Notation symbol +A1 Barge.

The following certificates will be supplied to the Owner at the time of delivery of the vessel:

(a)    Builder’s Certificate

(b)   Temporary International (1969) Tonnage Certificate issued by ABS

(c)    Interim Class Certificate issued by ABS

(d)   Provisional Load Line Certificate issued by ABS

=Contact for information packet and prices=